You know she’s plotting… . 

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oh! come on bro!! Hakuna Matata :3 <3

omfg. (>’.’)> 
It means no worries fot the rest of your days~ 

Who do we have to kill? I’ll bring the shovel.

The fact that you exist makes me so happy. omfg. 

My name is Deonte Edmond and I hate my life. 

Carry on. 

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It’s bad enough that she’s a racist but that’s just so ???!?????????????????????????????????????????!!????????????

I didn’t know what to think. haha 
I froze. I couldn’t believe this nonsense I was listening to. 

You know what they say about the leading man? 
He never dies.




Top 5 Avatar the Last Airbender Fight Scenes
#1 Zuko and Katara vs. Azula

That fight was amazing. Probably one of the best fights between both series

the amount of baggage and character arcs that culminate here make this so powerful. i love korra, but we had so much personal time with each character in avatar, it makes certain scenes so much more meaningful 

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Ugh, that fucking sucks and I’m so sorry you had to deal with that. :(

Right!? I’m not even sure if I’m even offended now because it was so dumb. was simply too stupid for me to take offense. 

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Oh my god. Bruh. B R U H. Why do people think this is okay.

I’m going to go on and channel Michel and say that “People are particularly stupid today. I can’t talk to anymore of them.” 

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Damn. Did she not have eyes? Or was she literally just that fucking ignorant? What if she’s literally colorblind and all those people she sees breaking into houses all the time are actually white (statistically way more likely)? O_o

I don’t even think she  has even seen anyone break into someone’s house before. She was just — I.. I don’t even know. But she was looking at me like I was going to agree with her. Like, she really thought I that i had the same thought process. 

I literally ran to one of my co-workers (Human Resources tbh) and told her that it was urgent that she told me what race am. Because I was starting to have doubts.